The Hawaiʻi Health Authority (HHA) is established within the Department of Budget and Finance for administrative purposes. According to its enabling legislation in HRS Chapter 322H-1, “The authority shall be an autonomous public body corporate and politic and an instrumentality of the State” and “shall be responsible for overall health planning for the state and shall be responsible for determining future capacity needs for health providers, facilities, equipment, and support services.

“The authority shall develop a comprehensive health plan that includes:

  1. Establishment of eligibility for inclusion in a health plan for all individuals;
  2. Determination of all reimbursable services to be paid by the authority;
  3. Determination of all approved providers of services in a health plan for all individuals;
  4. Evaluation of health care and cost effectiveness of all aspects of a health plan for all individuals; and
  5. Establishment of a budget for a health plan for all individuals in the state.

The authority shall determine the waivers that are necessary and available by federal law, rule, or regulation that are necessary to implement and maintain this chapter.”